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Beginning of PT, tape, and core stabilization

Posted Aug 19 2009 6:32pm
I apologize for the influx of posts all of a sudden- but I figured this information was pretty relevant, so bear with me. It's been especially great being in contact with so many of you who are going through almost the exact same thing as me. It's comforting just waking up in the morning and knowing I'm not doing this alone.

Today I started my PT with Stacey in NYC (again, doing this once a week and going to regular PT three times a week.) Again, we worked on release, as well as sitting correctly. I really have to focus on things as small as sitting. Number one- no crossing my legs. Number two- I have to focus on moving my pelvis down, and not crunching it up. To help with all of this, I got taped up today, which you can see above. Just imagine the tape running down even lower. It's very tight and really restricts my movement. It forces me to sit up correctly, as well as keep my pelvis pointed downward. I'm going to try and get taped up everytime I go to PT, so hopefully wearing it 4 times a week will help.

After all of this, I now have 3 core stabilization exercises to work on. They are a bit difficult to write out so if you would like to know more, just leave a comment and I'll do my best to explain.
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