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Becoming a recovering multitasker to achieve harmony with my physical self....

Posted Jan 06 2010 5:03am
Have you ever described yourself as a multitasker?

Let's face it multitasking is just another word for you never getting anything done and you can never focus enough on one thing to finish it... Our lives are always in perpetual motion and it seems that motion is constantly getting faster. As I am writing this blog, I am in the process of answering my emails and facebook messages all at the same time, oh and don't forget letting the dogs in and out of the backdoor.

I always thought I was a multitasker and yes I can say that I am. Yet I have realized owning my own business and being a multitasker means I can be in a state of chaos.

The opposite of chaos is harmony and order. I have realized with everyday that I work to grow myself with my business and my life I need  harmony, clarity and focus.

Yes, I know you are wondering what is my point to all this? What does that have to do with your fitness goals? Everything! Have you ever watched someone get on a treadmill or bike, in the gym, and read a magazine or for that matter talk on the phone? Or maybe you see your neighbor walking with their dog, stopping and starting (because the dog has to do his or her business of course). That is truly fantastic that these people are actually taking the time to exercise. Yet are they truly achieving or are they resigning themselves to multitask while exercising also...

Did you know that exercise can also be a time for you to connect with your physical self.  If you spent more time focusing on bringing harmony to your body by moving your body and being in the moment of exercising you can achieve so much more with your fitness goals.  Just like any other goal if you focus, have clarity, and take action you can achieve a better self physically as well as mentally.

So, if you are multitasking while exercising you will find that your physical self is also in a state of chaos. When it comes to exercise and physical fitness it is important to remember if you are chaotic you will most likely get chaotic results. You need to have a plan, a realistic desired result and be able to work that plan.
How do you set up a plan? Just like me writing a business plan I chose to seek the advice of others, who have been in business and know how to set up the plan, you can ask for help in finding harmony with your health and wellness goals.

Trying to reach your goals of health and wellness especially if you have been in the habit of avoiding the subject are destined to fail if you choose to go at it alone.  In order to find harmony with your chaotic goals, support and guidance are needed to help you achieve your best self.  With help you can find clarity, focus and peace in achieving the best possible person you can be in this world.

Everyone has a destiny to be great in their own world or right, yet, if you are currently living in chaos you are doing a disservice to your family, friends and this world.  Give up your control of every situation and give in to your right to ask for help.  Their is an abundance of options to help you achieve your best self, so open yourself and your mind to the possibilities, shake off the chaos, and find harmony and clarity with help. 
When you go off track with your health and wellness often times you are in a state of chaos in more parts of your life.  With support and guidance you can achieve harmony and peace with all parts of your life, as a professional in the health and wellness industry I am always seeking support and guidance to achieve a better self.
So, start your recovery process now.. Make a commitment to clear out the chaos and clutter and join our next Boot Camp, or try out our  Personal Training Services.   What are you waiting for? 
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