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Beauty Buzz: New anti-aging breakthroughs for every budget!

Posted Jul 28 2011 3:21am
By Colette Bouchez 

Whether you’re 40  and just beginning to see the signs of aging, or 55, 65 or more  and looking to get rid of those wrinkly hands of time, if you're anything like me  you can't resist a new anti-aging product.

As the fall season approaches we're seeing a bumper crop of such new treatments,  all  designed to  tease and tantalize us with the promise of youth and  a variety of new technologies and ingredients.

The good news: Whether you have ten bucks to spend – or a couple of thousand dollars at your beauty disposal - there’s something new to look forward to.

Here’s a look at four of the hottest new anti-aging treatments for Fall 2011.

Anti-Aging Treatment # 1:   by Ulthera

What it is:  A groundbreaking new device that promises the look  of a full face lift and neck-tightening treatment without the surgery.

How it works:  Based  in one of the  oldest and safest medical treatments in use today – ultra sound ( yes  the same ultra sound that shows you pictures of your developing baby) -  Ultherapy uses these same sound beams to  stimulate the production of collagen - the fibers that support skin and keep it looking firm and youthful.
 “Ultherapy uses ultrasound technology to first visualize and ‘see’ what the skin looks like under the surface then delivers calculated ultrasonic energy waves that stimulates the body’s healing response to lay down new collagen.  The Ulthera System is creating a brand new category in beauty and raising the bar for aesthetic medical procedures, “ says a board certified Dermatologist and Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgeon in New York City who is  one of the first in the nation to offer the treatment.

Results: Although it can take up to three months to see the full results,  there is no brusing, scaring, and virtually no down time in the meantime!  The best part: The final result can be quite dramatic, (click here for stunning )  lasting anywhere from one to five years.

Cost: Between $1,000 and $5,000 depending on the number of treatments needed and the size of the area requiring rejuvenation.   Must be done by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

Anti-aging treatment # 2:

What it is:  A brand new way of using painless, harmless electrical impulses to  deliver  high quality anti-aging ingredients deep into the  brow area – including hyaluronic acid, vitamins  and anti-wrinkle peptides. It goes where traditionally creams and lotions won’t reach.

How it works:    A number of anti-aging ingredients are pre- loaded into a  fabric patch into  which are also  embedded tiny electrodes capable of releasing a mild current.  After activating the on button,   you place the self-adhesive patch on your forehead just above your eyebrows and leave in place for one hour, after which time the electrodes automatically turn off. In the meantime you can do anything you like  - read a book, wash the dishes, or even take a nap!

Results:  If you’re looking for that wrinkle-free brow without a  Botox Cosmetic injection,  Bio Bliss is for you.  A clinical study conducted by dermatologists revealed  that with just  one, 1 hour treatment, BioBliss  effortlessly, safely and painlessly reduced the appearance of brow lines and creases, with results that lasted  up to 5 days.   Over time some  results may become cumulative so you may need fewer treatments and results could last a bit longer.

Cost:   About $25 per at-home treatment – or about $100 per month to maintain the look.  For more information or to purchase online visit .

Anti-aging treatment # 3:

What it is: A temporary fix for tired looking eyes that uses a small drop of gel adhesive  to lift eye lids minimizing droopiness, wrinkles and bags.
How it works: A quick and easy 3 step process involves removing the thin strip from it’s paper backing,  applying a small amount of gel adhesive , and then placing the nearly invisible strip into the crease of the eye lid, where it acts as a kind of extra support structure to the lid.  Once applied they are nearly invisible – and can be worn with or without eye makeup.

Results: The results are instant ( we love that!) and the lifts do appear to stay in place for a significant number of hours.  The adhesive gel is hypoallergenic and made from medical grade ingredients  similar to eyelash glue -  so it’s not likely to cause irritation.  While there are some stunning  the look you get is dependent on how much drooping you have and how adept you are at placing the strip in the correct location – though with practice it does get easier.  

Cost:The Dream Lift  retails for $19.99 for 68 strips,  and is available at , and many other major retailers nationwide.  It is also available online at – where you get  two sets (136 strips) for the price of one, but there is an $8.00 shipping charge.

Anti-aging treatment # 4:
What it is:  A brand new type of gel-based  skin care formulation designed to offer intense moisturization lasting  up to 24 hours to prevent dryness that would otherwise  emphasize fine lines and wrinkles.

How it works:  Because it’s a gel and not a cream the ingredients are better able to penetrate the skin  helping to form a kind of “moisture pouch” under the surface that continually feeds cells all day long. A combination of antioxidant fruit waters and vitamin E also help defend skin from external aggressors ( like air pollution or  even the drying rays of the sun)  so skin looks plumper,  moist and dewy all day – without any greasy residue.

Results:  Another product where at least part of the results are virtually instant – the minute you put Moisture Rescue Gel on your skin you both see and feel an immediate difference in smoothness.  Fine lines and creases do  seem to disappear  –and more importantly, remain invisible for most of the day.  The reason?  Within  1 hour after applying studies show the skins natural moisture barrier is actually strengthened to prevent dryness from occurring. This is something we found most cream or lotion moisturizers can’t accomplish – at any price.

Bonus:  Because it’s a gel consistency it also acts almost like a make-up primer, keeping foundation and blush from going into fine lines and causing an aging effect. While this product is being marketed as “oil free” – which seems to be a buzz-phrase for young skin -   we found it’s actually a perfect anti-aging moisturizer for over 50 skin as well.  You would be amazed at much younger you will look when your skin is plump, moist and dewy – and your make-up isn't sliding into those crinkly crevices on your cheeks and around ips and eyes.

dCost: Moisture Rescue Gel sells for about $7.99 for a 1.7 oz jar – available at ,  and most pharmacies.  Also available: Moisture Rescue Lightweight Lotion with SPF 15 - $7.99 for 4.5 oz.  and Moisture Rescue Foam Cleanser  6.8 oz for just $5.99.

Colette Bouchez is the design director of fashion jewelry house and frequently writes about beauty and style.  Her latest book is the Country Dutchess Cheap Chic Diary: Online Fashion Organizer and Web Address Book.    To read more beauty news click here 

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