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Beach hats- the latest trends

Posted Jan 12 2013 9:09am

Beach hats- the latest trends

It seems that one of the most important accessories for summer is definitely the wide-brimmed hat. No matter where you go in the city, the beach, the mountains, the sea, the hat should not miss. Initially it may seem boring to wear hats to the beach, but if you choose carefully they can become stylish accessories and beautiful as well. So it is important to choose a style of hat that suits you.


This year the beautiful and fashionable brimmed straw beach hats are at the top, which are very useful during hot summer days, as they help to get rid of heat. The fashion hats this year are the most expensive, but it really gives one a unique and elegant style. So this year designers have brought new creations of extraordinarily beautiful straw hats, some of which are not even remotely similar to straw hats used once – flat and small brimmed used by sailors to summer hats in a cowboy type, or bell etc. Others in turn remind us even of 70s fashion.

They have combined aesthetics and comfort and chose materials suitable for all styles of hats, including straw which remained still in fashion this year, so they made chic pieces suitable for both beach and for other occasions. Regardless of the style, designers have opted for flashy colors – red, pink, yellow, turquoise, navy blue, etc. – in order to satisfy the desires of those who want to have an elegant and irresistible look.

One of the stylish beach hat models is the one brimmed that impresses with a very classy style that fits well with long and loose summer dresses. Also brimmed straw hats are narrow, elegant, made of straw white as ivory or other colors, with interesting fringed edges. Hats with very large margins are preferred by people who are exposed to more sun and so shades are created on the face, neck and shoulders. It is interesting that not only women are fascinated by this wonderful accessory but men became fans of fun summer hats wearing some interesting new models made by famous designers. Great lovers of beach hats are Jonny Deep and Brad Pitt.

Besides a unique style of elegance and beauty, this piece of summer attire offers something more important, namely protection from the sun, both for skin and hair. The shadow that is created by beach hats protects skin from UV radiation and thus one has less tendencies to be covered with spots and freckles.

It seems that many women who do not wear hats summer sun suffer from allergies and are prone to photo dermatitis. Although there are a wide variety of both models and colors, everyone can choose whatever style suits them better, but as a piece of advice you could opt for a light colored straw hat, because as we know dark colors attract the scorching rays of the sun.

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