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Balance Point for Women - Vitamin Health

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:11pm
Balance Point for Women

Shouldn�t your daily multivitamin formula be as unique as you are, and also specifically targeted for the Woman on the go?We thought so too! Our team of nutritional researchers has painstakingly developed a unique and comprehensive woman�s formula. We believe that the days of a �one size fits all� mentality in nutrition are long gone.

Gender-specific nutrition is what you deserve, and what your body requires to function at its most efficient levels. This formula delivers on that premise. From anti-aging to hair health; skin and nail protection; nutrition for maintaining and increasing bone mineral density; Balance Point sets a new precedent for fulfilling a woman�s nutritional needs! Balance Point is potent nutritional health protection. It can make profound changes in your life by improving how you look, and most importantly, how you feel.

11 Antioxidant Protectors!

1. Vitamins A2. Vitamin C3. Vitamin E4. Selenium5. Green Tea Extract6. Alpha Lipoic Acid7. Lutein8. Blue Berry Powder9. Zeaxanthin10. Cranberry Powder11. Red Bean Powder

These nutrients are responsible for guarding the trillions of cells in your body. Right now, as you are reading this, free radicals are roaming throughout your body and are attempting to break into your snuff out life and promote the premature aging process. Free radicals result from unstable atoms that link up with an odd number of electrons; forming when oxygen interacts with certain molecules. Upon their creation, they start a chain reaction to destroy your cells' inner DNA.

These 11 potent antioxidants help protect your cells from free radical invasion by stopping and eliminating free radicals before they cause any damage. In short, they neutralize these cell destroyers before the can even penetrate the cell wall.

10 Vital B Vitamins!

1. Vitamin B-12. Vitamin B-23. Vitamin B-34. Vitamin B-55. Vitamin B-66. Folic Acid7. Vitamin B-128. Biotin9. Choline10. Inositol

B-Vitamins are vital to your overall health. They provide for a number of important bodily functions, including:

  • helping to energize your body
  • responsible for the breakdown of macronutrients (carbs, fats, and proteins) consumed through diet
  • promote healthy hair, skin, and nail growth
  • fighting stress
  • muscle tone
  • intestinal health
  • In addition, your liver also depends on many B-vitamin compounds. These important water soluble nutrients protect this critical organ from certain environmental toxins and pollutants, while supporting its overall health. The B-vitamin family can also help to safeguard your immune system and assist in specific cognitive functions, like memory.B-complex vitamins have also been shown to provide some relief from Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) in various research studies.

    7 Bone Protectors!

    1. Calcium2. Magnesium3. Zinc4. Copper5. Manganese6. Vitamin D7. Boron

    Your bones are your body�s framework. Unfortunately, they can become weak and porous without you even knowing it. 99% of the body's calcium stores are found in your bones. Our 7 bone-protecting nutrients will not only promote bone health and strength, but will also protect bones and teeth from becoming brittle. Considering that your body has 206 bones and 230 movable or semi-movable joints, maintaining bone-mineral density is critical for any long-term health program.

    PMS Helpers!

    1. Iron2. Chaste Berry Extract3. Cranberry Powder

    P.M.S. and menopause are considered trying times for females. Fatigue, breast swelling and tenderness, headaches, food cravings, and mood swings; these are all symptoms which can take a toll on a woman�s psychological and physical well-being.

    Our pre-menstrual and menopausal nutrients offer targeted nutritional support for your body during times of hormonal variation, while helping to protect against the possible onset of anemia. The selected herbs and vitamins in Balance Point can also do wonders in helping to maintain urinary tract health.

    Research suggests that nutritional inadequacies or deficiencies may provide at least one explanation as to why women suffer from PMS. Our formula ensures that such inadequacies will not occur, as we supply your body with PMS-supporting nutrients and other important vitamins and minerals. This will help to promote a gender-specific balance, by providing you with the nutrients needed by women for hormonal support.

    3 Vision Helpers!

    1. Lutein2. Zeaxanthin3. Vitamin A

    Your vision is one of your most precious senses. Your eyes are your windows to the world. Unfortunately visual disorders often go unnoticed until the damage is done. Age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy cause an estimated 54% of all blindness in Americans over 40.

    Other than having your eyes regularly examined by a healthcare professional, nutritional adequacy is the most important factor for maintaining ocular health. We have included the 3 most important eye-protecting nutrients in Balance Point: Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and Vitamin A. These Carotenoids (the main nutrients that form macular pigment) are critical for promoting and maintaining the macula and retinal health - the two areas of the eye responsible for clear and sharp vision. These nutrients help to safeguard every eye cell from premature oxidation, and its subsequent damage, as well as affording your eyes protection from harmful UV light.

    5 Hair, Skin, & Nail Builders!

    1. Silica2. Citrus Bioflavonoids3. Iodine4. Calcium5. Biotin 6. Vitamin E

    Just like the body�s other important components, your hair, skin, and nails need to be adequately nourished as well. By providing your body with key nutrients that prevent premature cell aging, you are able to secure hair, skin, and nail health with Balance Point. Our key ingredients help to keep their appearance radiant and youthful as you further your beauty from the inside. Put these age-defying nutrients to work for you!

    Nature provided you with the blueprint for a perfect body, but the care and maintenance is totally up to you. The hard reality is that life does not rewind. That is why it's so vital that you make a nutritional investment NOW, to solidify your health in the future. Our Woman�s Balanced Point formula gives you the nutritional support you need to improve your health; helping you to look as good as you feel! Make it a point to put your nutritional needs into balance.

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