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Back to Basics

Posted Dec 10 2009 8:40am 1 Comment
I'm a little too proud of the clever title of today's post. I'm in the middle of finals, but finally have some time to sit down and update. For all those who have emailed me this past week- I promise I will get back to you very shortly. I'm currently in a Border's after my first appointment back to Beyond Basics. Currently searching for a power outlet... why are there never enough? Physical therapy today was very difficult. As much as I take pride in being proactive, there is also something to be said for not having any PT for three weeks. I've been so focused on my tonsils and getting through that surgery, that I forgot about dealing with this problem. That may seem a little crazy, but I'm sure others will agree. It still hurts just as muc, but when I am not going to therapy or specialist appointments, I also don't have to face and constantly re-access my health condition. Obviously that's what we should be trying to do in order to get better, but it is nice to have that burden lifted for even a short while. I almost convince myself I'm living a normal life. But I digress. Today was back to reality, and a pretty harsh reality check at that.
I've noticed these past two weeks that my gluteus muscles in particular have been extremely tight and uncontrollable. By this I mean they are constantly in a locked position and no matter what I do, they are impossible to release. This is what makes sitting so difficult and painful. Today we did a lot of deep connective tissue work, which had me jumping off the table. I am usually pretty good at just breathing and relaxing and handling the pain, but my muscles were fired up. It was very noticeable, and it might have been the tightest I have been in months. Interestingly, my right side was the most painful. Stacey thinks I'm overcompensating again for my left hip. I also have to go back now and get an MRI of my right hip because there might be something be wrong. I'll have to go back, because I thought I did have my right hip looked at, but maybe things have changed. I sure hope not.

Below is a diagram of your glutes just so I can better demonstrate where the pain was radiating from. If you look at the bottom of the red muscles, the pain was strongest on the inside, following that reddish curve upwards. It was a sharp, direct pain, and now that it has been worked on, is pulsing and extremely sensitive.

This is where all the work was done today and it was greatly needed. I felt a little release when I tried sitting again, but the problem is I'm too sore and in pain to notice a difference just yet. I think after tomorrow I should see some improvement. We went over some better ways for me to sit. First of all, if you ever see me cross my legs, yell at me. I always forget since it's such a natural inclination. I should be sitting all the way back in a chair with my stomach released and my legs positioned at 90 degree angles. Even more important, when I am ready to stand, I have to keep my legs straight (and not turn them inwards) and stand up with equal pressure on both sides of my body. These are things I need to try and be more conscious of because I'm sure they will make a difference in the contraction of my muscles. Now that I'm surgery-free, I also need to get back on the elliptical to loosen up my body, as well as resume core work, hip stretches, and dilator exercises. So, it's back to work and back to basics. (Oh circular narratives...)
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I have the same pain exactly, so if it helps your not alone on this one! I have all the vaginal pain as well as hip pain. The gluteus muscle pain i am very familiar with! I am surprised that you are not having problems with your pelvic floor...? Can i ask how the surgery was on the labral tear?


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