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Athlete Moms Race to Fund Cool New Business

Posted Jul 13 2012 12:00am

By Heather Cabot, The Well Mom

It’s not often I run across a story that touches on all of my passions: motherhood, fitness AND tech. So when I heard about the California duo launching a new GPS sports watch tailored for women (and men who want to keep safe on the road), I had to find out more. Turns out the founders behind Bia are two power moms in the race of their lives to raise the initial funds to get the company off the ground. Their Kickstarter campaign ends at midnight July 13th!

Co-founder Cheryl Kellond says she and partner Sylvia Marino came up with the idea for a female friendly sports watch after she got frustrated trying to find one that actually fit and didn’t take a user’s manual to figure out.

“I went to MIT, so I’m no dummy when it comes to technology, but seriously? There is no excuse for the complexity of these devices. We could make something better,” she says.

And so the two set out to create a sleek device that automatically sends data to your online training log, connects to GPS more efficiently and includes an SOS alert button for emergencies.

Based in Manhattan Beach, Kellond is a triathlete and a mom of four children. She’s fired up about firsts for women in business and in sports. That’s exactly why I was curious to hear about her prescription for managing it all. Check out her mantra: Pretty Form + Pretty Smile = Pretty Fast. It’s one I think I’m going to try tomorrow when I get on my bike to brave some hills!

TWM: How do find time to be an entrepreneur, mother and athlete?

CK: I am one of those crazy hypo-manic types. I have a lot of energy and I think I would be bored with any less on my plate. It makes it easier that my life is full of things I love…and that they sell 30-packs of ZippFizz at Costco.
Still, something always has to give. I don’t beat myself up about it. Don’t come to my house if you want your laundry done for you. Right now the Vineman PR I had my sights set on is taking a backseat to Bia. And showering? I decided a long time ago that it was overrated.
Honestly, the key to making it all work is my husband. Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook said a women’s most important career decision is her choice of a partner. She’s right.

TWM: Do you apply your athlete’s mindset to business? Motherhood? How so?

CK: Oh my gosh – in so many ways – I am not sure if I go bad ass hard core or spiritual zen on you here. Let’s go with my mantra Pretty Form + Pretty Smile = Pretty Fast. It started as a running mantra but it applies to everyday life. Pretty Form is really just acting with intention and mindfulness and staying focused not just on the end goal, but the path you take to get there.
Pretty Smile. We all know that a smile begets another smile. It’s also the perfect way to “Act as if”…sort of wearing your vision board on your face. More interestingly, and I’ve done some reading on this, scientifically smiling also releases endorphins which give you more energy, more creative powers and more strength. It actually has hardcore physiological benefits….very similar to endurance sports.
Oh and I like nothing better than to CHICK THE BOYS ON THE HILLS.

TWM: How do you make time for you?

CK: Is that a trick question?

How can readers of The Well Mom get involved?

CK: We are down to the wire on Kickstarter. We have until midnight on July 13th to hit our goal. If we miss it, no one is charged for their pledge or pre-order, but we also don’t get the money we need to make this product and we are literally out of business. We can absolutely do it, but it’s going to take everything we’ve got. If you are a runner or know a runner, go back us now. If you just want to see a strong female-founded company succeed or what to vote with your dollars that we are done with “shrink it and pink it” go back us now.

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