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Artificial/assisted reproduction & increased pregnancy complications?

Posted Mar 09 2012 1:46pm
I have noticed that with IVF pregnancies, there seems to be an increased incidence of pregnancy/birth complications. Higher levels of preeclampsia, abnormal placentation (previa, abruption, severe IUGR in the baby), preterm labor, and higher rates of c-sections (perhaps due to the other complications of the pregnancy?). I wonder if studies have been done on this topic. I'm sure there must be studies!

Just wondering.....because I've seen several IVF pregnant patients lately, and almost all of them have been "high risk" pregnancies for a wide variety of complications.

Any readers with experience in this area? Personal/professional experience?

My thoughts -- many women/couples who go through IVF, have been through years of infertility. Which means they are more than likely "older" as in 30-35 yrs old and higher. Which does lead to increased risks of other complications. Many women/couples are pregnant for the first time, which in itself, can have some increased risk of complications (preeclampsia is higher in first time mothers). "Older" mothers are at increased risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, among other things.

I wonder if there is some unknown variable at work that creates a "weaker" or subpar placenta or subpar implantation of the placenta, as a result from IVF. Could it be degradation of the ovum/embyro if it was frozen or in storage for a period of time?

Questions, questions.
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