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Are You Treating Your Breasts Right?

Posted Feb 21 2011 2:08am

Padded bras have been very popular with women.  This includes the different variations such as push up bras, demi, convertible bras, encapsulation sports bras etc.  Most women today own or wear them daily during their waking hour.  There are of course many reasons for their popularity.  Giving nice shape, support, hiding the extras from the public to name a few.  What most consumers are not aware is that bras with bra pads are not made to "breathe" nor allow air circulation to the breasts.  Breathable fabrics alone does not make padded bras or sports bras breathable.  In fact, traditional bra pads will collect moisture throughout the day.

We all know having fresh air is not only great for the skin, but important for general health.  This is one of the reason why almost any type of performance clothing markets breathability.  The same case applies to padded bras.  Imagine excessive sweat and mositure collected in your bra pads next to your breast skin throughout the day year in and year out.  Yuck!  Not a very sexy thought, and it obviously can't be good for you over time.

It is important to shop for padded bras and sports bras that are made with perforated bra pads so that fresh air can get through the bra pads to the breast area.  So, make sure you ask your favorite store about breathable bra pads in your favorite piece of padded bras, push up bras, or sports bras next time you are out shopping.

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