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Are You Kidding Me! Leggings over 40 - do's and don'ts???

Posted Dec 15 2009 1:46pm
I guess some things will never surprise me. Or is it that there are these fashion people out there that think they can sell anything to the stupid public. I was just going through one of my favorite magazines and online emails, MORE magazine and they had a piece on a page titled “Leggings after 40 – do’s and don’t’s. You have got to be kidding me. I cannot name one woman I know over 40 who would look good in leggings and pull it off. For one thing she would look like some old woman trying to look like her teenage daughter. There are some fashion items that should be left for the young, (and pencil thin) and never attempt to bring it across the generation lines.

I think a better title for the article would be - Leggings after 40 - DON'T!

As a woman over 40 I want to look stylish and chic. But one thing I never want to look is stupid and foolish. I cannot think of any form or combination that I could wear leggings and it would look appropriate. And to top it off, the pics of the women they had in the piece were all skinny as tooth pics and I cannot believe they were over 40.

There are just some things that when they died, the blue prints should have been burned. Not stored for historical purposes but burned. As far as I am concerned that is what they should have done with leggings.

And while I am on my soap box – one fashion crime I just loathed years is those over weight women who continued to wear leggings/stretch pants etc. (and no long top to cover their butt). They are so offensive and now here the fashion world is bringing them back in vogue. Great, I guess now we will see this around another 10-20 years on those who should not be wearing!!!

If you have not figured it out yet, this is one of my pet peeves. As you know I am all for looking your best, etc. But, I am very intolerant of those who go out looking worse than I do when I clean my house.

Sorry for the protest blog today, I just could not resist when I saw this article, someone had to take a stand against this!!!!! What will be next? Bring legwarmers back in vogue!
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