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Are these things all coincidental or is there something else going on with me?

Posted by Jen

Hi-I am 36 years old and female.  I have had some weird stuff going on for a while and would like to know if this is nothing or should I be concerned.  I have had several episodes of vertigo which seems this time to be worse.  Along with the vertigo my depth perception seems to be off.  I have tinnitus,eye floaters,gerd and digestive problems.  I have had my gall bladder taken out and last year had a d&c and uterine ablation.  I have achy joints in my fingers and toes, sometimes when I sleep my arms go completely alseep where i can't even feel my hand, sometimes when I sit my legs tingle and fall asleep, I also from time to time wake up gasping for air and when I sneeze really hard I also choke, I seem to have difficulty with my throat because I choke easily and when I get a cold my throat feels so thick and swollen it scares me.  This december I developed a low grade fever 99-100.  It lasted for 3 weeks.  After the initial fever I felt like it was only in my head and ears and the rest of my body was cool.  I also had a bad case of gerd(couldn't even drink water) and my sed rate was 25 probably because my abdomen was so swollen.  All other blood work was fine.  I was told i probably had a viral infection-I have been told this before when my doc can't figure it out.  If  nothing is wrong with me then great but I just want to know if all of this means something.  Please help.
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You might consider seeing a Rheumatologist, who specializes in inflammatory conditions that affect some of the areas you describe, particularly the joint pain and SED rate elevations. 
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