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Any treatments for chronic underarm odor?

Posted by Missy08

Hello, I have been suffering from chronic underarm odor for three years now. I am fourteen years old. I've tried several deodorants, and antiperspirants including Secret Clincal Strength, Dove's secret clinical strength, crystal deodorant, & Certain Dri. Not to mention, I sweat a lot too. I shower everyday, and wear clean clothes. I believe I am pretty healthy. My parents think I am exaggerating and wouldn't take me to the doctor's. Are there any treatments to get rid of chronic underarm odor forever? If so, please tell me. Thank you.
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Try"Thieves" toothpaste, as wacky as that sounds. Order it from, the essential oils folks, or find a local Young Living distributor. Not sold in stores. My husband, bless his heart, has hairy armpits that used to smell like a rank caveman. Nothing worked. Then someone told me that a tiny bit of Thieves toothpaste rubbed in the armpit after his evening shower really works. Give yourself a little time for the pores to close from the hot shower before applying it. It completely eliminates his BO for the entire next day. This is an absolute miracle. A tube will last a very long time b/c you use very little.

I know exactly what you are going through. I'm 18 years old and a senior in high school and i've been suffering from chronic underarm odor and excessive sweat i mean there's days when i just smell bad and then theres days when i smell bad a sweat really bad. I don't know what to do i've tried every deodorant out there, including, Secret Clincal Strength, Dove's secret clinical strength and even guys deodorant spray Axe. I also shower everyday and wear clean clothes. I'm pretty sure there is nothing wrong with me but I know that a cause of it is diabetes and i have a family history of that so i'm scared. But anyway one day i was trying on clothes and my mother noticed the smell and she questioned me about it and i told her how i have tried every deodorant out there, so she made an appointment after looking up on the internet what it could be and when she noticed that diabetes is a cause of it the she got worried but I don't know what else to do...Someone plz help!

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