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Another resource that is not working for victims--National Stalking Resource Center

Posted Nov 25 2009 10:05pm
More confusion about organizations receiving government tax dollars that claim to help victims, and fail. Below, Michelle Garcia (Executive Director of the National Stalking Resource Center), insists that Survivors in Action stop referring victims to her, as her organization is NOT for victims, but for law enforcement and professionals. Why is there a hotline number on the website? On the top of this website it actually reads "For Victim Assistance please call 1-800-FYI-CALL".

Written by Alexis A. Moore

There are way too many organizations being funded by government tax dollars who do literally nothing to help victims of crime yet they are granted the "Lions Share" of the funding.

The reality for victims of domestic violence, rape, stalking and cyberstalking is not what is being portrayed by the media or by the organizations that receive millions in funding every year.

Survivors In Action received an email from Michelle Garcia the executive director of the National Stalking Resource Center requesting that Survivors In Actionnotrefer victims to the agency because they are not a victim service provider. Confused, I visited theNational Stalking Resource Center web site where it indicates that they do serve victims and for victims to call the hotline?

Are you Confused?

Me too, but needless to say this is the typical run around victims of domestic violence, cyberstalking and stalking deal with on a daily basis and this is unacceptable.

Many organizations that are receiving VAWA dollars, (your tax dollars) are wasting the money and not doing what is needed to help and assist victims.

VAWA (Violence Against Women Act)dollars are being wasted and victims are being left behind.

It is time for the organizations that do the work and actually support the victims to be allocated the funding so that "No Victim is Left Behind".

Survivors In Action and others continue to push for DV Reform so that victims of abuse, rape and stalking receive the services that they need.

When will VP Biden listen?....

When will President Obama do more than sign a domestic violence proclamation?...

Appointing Lynn Rosenthal was a good start, however now is the time for the White House to do more than read our blogs and emails, it is time for action.

Every dollar wasted on a failing program is a dollar that could be allocated to a program and service that actually works to help victims.

Domestic violence (DV) victims continue to suffer and die at the hands of their abusers—and even one victim who suffers or one life that’s lost to domestic violence is way too many. Yet the victims of domestic violence and their children are not getting what they need from the organizations that have been established to help them. Quite simply, victims are falling through the cracks. In the United States and in the 21st century, there simply is no excuse for this.

The appointment of Lynn Rosenthal as White House Advisor on Violence Against Women (VAW) signals recognition on the part of the White House that the critical problem of domestic violence needs a higher profile. Ms. Rosenthal has the opportunity to spearhead real, effective change that will save lives and give victims renewed hope—if she provides strong leadership and uses her position to enforce accountability on the part of agencies that provide services to victims.

More specifically, what kinds of change should Ms. Rosenthal make? Here are the key steps I think she should take:

1) Implement uniform protocols and procedures in every state to ensure that every federally and state-funded domestic violence victim organization operates under the same standards—standards that ensure that victims are not turned away and get the help they need.

2) Appoint a liaison in each state that victims and their advocates can contact to voice concerns and complaints when victims are refused service or do not receive the assistance they need, as well as report positive experiences. The state liaison does not necessarily have to be a public official (such as California Domestic Violence Committee Chair Fiona Ma). It could be a representative of any one of the many non-profit organizations—such as Survivors in Action—or state coalitions willing to serve as a clearinghouse. Today’s technology permits many things to be accomplished quickly and effectively, making it possible for such a clearinghouse to begin operating rapidly and at minimal or even no cost.

3) Form a national oversight agency or committee, reporting to her, to which state DV agencies and resources would be accountable and would report what is and isn’t working, and to which state liaisons could escalate grievances that cannot be resolved at the state level.

4) Provide strong, effective leadership for the many non-profits, volunteers, and other individuals who are eager to bring about domestic violence resource reform. To be effective, all these resources need to be marshaled and organized. Lynn Rosenthal, along with an effective oversight committee, can provide that leadership and organization. I am happy to offer my services and those of Survivors In Action to serve as a liaison to the White House, help form an oversight committee, and organize the wealth of resources committed to this cause.
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