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American Idol: Top 5

Posted May 05 2009 6:02pm

This week's theme: The Rat Pack era

1.Adam - I'm Feeling Good - Ok, I hate to sound like a broken record, but Adam is amazing! They were talking about swagger...ADAM has SWAGGER, baby! I know there's Adam haters out there, but wow...I can't get over what he does with that voice. Un.freakin.believable.

2.Matt - My Funny Valentine - This seems like it should be a great style & song for Matt. He definitely has that crooner-style voice (and look). I loved the control of the runs in the middle of the song & I loved when he started belting out the second half. That kid can SING and I am so, so, SO glad that they saved him (even if he doesn't win). I hope we see a lot more of him!

3.Kris - The Way You Look Tonight - I was kind of taken aback to see Kris in a suit since he's usually in his jeans & tee, but I liked the little bit of casual-ness that he threw in there by loosening his tie a little - I thought the song sounded great - nice & soft & he held back a little. He showed off his range & threw in little runs that were great & it just sounded so sincere. I will actually quote Paula when she said that he could be a "contemporary crooner", like a Michael Buble of sorts, but I also agree with Simon that it wasn't incredible.

4.Danny - Come Rain or Come Shine - Ok first off, Danny looks SMOKIN' tonight! I have to admit that I felt kind of disjointed from the song - I'm not sure if it is the phrasing or the timing of the song, but I didn't really enjoy the performance as much as all of the judges did. I thought he sounded great, but I just wasn't drawn in...but I guess I don't know as much as the judges do!!!!

5. Allison - Someone To Watch Over Me - I definitely think she looks great tonight (finally) & I love this song! I did it in high school at a voice recital! She puts me in mind of Eartha Kitt in this song (although I can admit that the only Eartha Kitt song I know is Santa Baby). This is probably my favorite performance of Allison's - I haven't been a fan in past weeks (even though I agree she can definitely sing), but this style really pushes her to sing instead of shout. She showed a lot of control in this song, but I agree with Simon that I think she's in jeopardy this week, simply because she has a hard time connecting emotionally with her audience.

Bottom 3 (despite great performances by all): Matt, Allison & Kris???

Going home: Allison (due to VFTW factor on Matt)

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