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Am I pregnant?

Posted by she7

I had my period, or what I think was my period, last week. A week ago today. It is normally very short and quite light and it wasn't any different than usual this month, although, recently I have been having cravings, slpitting headaches, mood swings, hot flashes, cramps, slight lower back pain, dizziness, spotting and clear, odorless discharge. Could I be pregnant or is it something else?
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Maybe, but not based upon what you just described.  First, you have to be sexually active in order to get pregnant.  Of course, you could just lie still and be sexually active.  To be more clear on the matter, you have to be sexually active with a guy and engage in penile-vaginal intercourse.  Oral and other forms of sexual relationship won't get you pregnant.  Next, you have to have intercourse without use of any contraception, hormonal, barrier, or otherwise.  


Finally, there are some women who continue to spot throughout their pregnancy but typically missing your perioid is the first sign.  Hopefully you aren't pregnant with splitting headaches as we would then be worried about (pre)eclampsia.  Cravings are reported by many women when they become pregnant.  Mood swings, too, but typically not hot flashes.  Some may report cramps, eg stomach and/or leg, as well as low back pain later on in the pregnancy as the fetus develops, but usually early on.  If you're dizzy, we worry about low blood pressure, dehydration, and/or anemia, none of which are good, but especially not during pregnancy.  So in the end, it's best to check in w/your family physician.  Good luck!

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