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Posted by CassyLeigh18

- Had my period on Saturday, November 13, 2010....
- Lasted for 8 days till the next Saturday, November, 20th, 2010...spotted for 2 days afterwards..
- Ranged from light to normal flow...
- Had Intercourse through out period, with boyfriend...& afterwards on the 22nd, 27th, 28th & 29th..
- Been on birth control (pills) since end of August- September 2010
- Forgot to take pills for the last 3 days (November 27th,28th,29th.2010)
- Been having light cramping in lower left side of abdomen
- Sunday (nov.28th.2010) at 5:00am = had dark brownish/red blood..,
- Monday (nov.29th.2010) (daytime) = brighter red/brown blood (still kinda dark tho) ,increased amount..,
- Monday (evening) = bright red blood, flow decreased, cramping increased
- Bloated feeling
- Hungry

Other info:
- Got prego in April 2010, had miscarriage in July 2010..
- Called health links, nurse said it might just be because of my b-control ?
- I am going to a walk-in clinic in the morning today (Nov.30th.2010)
- I know you can't officially know untill you see a doctor & take a prego test..
- Just need some advice on if it is most likely implantation bleeding & cramping and im pregnant (have a feeling i most likely am, on account of the way i feel) or if it could be something else?

Please help me im going crazy trying to figure this out untill i see a doctor in the morning! Thanks :)

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