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always short of breath,sleepless, heartburn, and nasues ; lately i feel nothing but sick . i feel weak and lack of energy.

Posted by bowshellokitty3481

no matter what im out of breath constantly, feel like cant get full breath. alwys tired. had bad heart burn / acid reflux problems. weak . cant sleep at night bc breathing is worse when i lay scared bc i dont know whats wrong with me. im 17 years old. & was recently dianosed with thyroid problems but not on any meds for it yet. goin soon to start on tyroid medicine. i so alone. ive went to the doctor and they saiod its aniexity but i dont think so . ive went to hospital a few times bc i felt like i couldnt breathe well & felt pretty bad . they check me and said my heart looks good , my lungs are great , & chest xray noraml . anyone know whats happening to me. im 17 and i just want to live my life and b happy but i cant with the way i feel. please help me. :(
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I had similiar symptoms and it turned out I had lymphomic cancer. I got better with chemotherapy. I hope you get checked for cancer. Bless you. P.S., Whenever something is wrong with us, we are bound to be anxious because we know that something is wrong even if the doctor doesn't. Perhaps you could consult with a different doctor. I hope your doctor takes you seriously, and doesn't say that you are too young. In my city we have a 4 year old breast cancer survivor. Sincerely, Mary.


I know exactly how you feel, it sounds a little like anxiety to me you should try find a sympathetic doctor or someone you can trust, I bought self help books and took up swimming which helps, I suppose its a mind set that you have to try to change by focusing on something else, not easy to acheive tho but stay positive and get some help

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