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All I want for Christmas are the "Priceless" gifts.

Posted Dec 21 2008 7:51am
I love those commercials that go thru the various items and their prices and then end with a moment or item that they term “priceless”. I was dwelling on that thought the other day and thought to myself, I want those “priceless” items for Christmas.

At this stage of my life there is really nothing I need. If I want it, I buy it. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a shopaholic, or buy a lot of junk. Actually I am the opposite, I am very thrifty, and a bargain shopper, but I digress, not the point of this blog at all.

The point is, at this time of the year I want the “priceless” gifts that money can’t buy. I want that opportunity to observe my precious little granddaughter show that honest moment of delight when she gets something that is totally unexpected, not expensive, but the joy of a child that is priceless. I want that uninvited hug from her for no reason, just because and she squeezes as tight as she can, that means it is a real hug. I have watched her give those to her papa and you can tell there is more love behind that squeeze then words can describe. I want a hug from an in-law that normally doesn’t hug, or an “I love you” from a friend or relative that normally does not express that emotion. I want to experience Christmas morning with my daughter and that again this year, she will again wake up before 8 in the morning without anyone telling her to, just because it is Christmas morning. I want to give someone a gift who does not give me a gift. I want to be standing someplace in my house and hear laughter coming from every room when I have a house full of people. I want to spend more time with friends laughing, watching movies, or just hanging out. I want to see my mom and dad healthy. I want my husband to relax more and worry less.

All my “priceless” gifts don’t come with a bow or in a gift bag. In fact, many I will not get on Christmas day. But at this stage of my life, it is those “priceless” gifts that keep me going, all year long and mean more to me than anything money can buy.

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

Here is wishing you many “priceless” gifts or moments this holiday season.
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