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After I had my baby, I have poured blood out of my rectum every time I had a bow movement, even when they were loose/painless.

Posted by taradelynn777

It went on for the first few weeks, then changed to every once in a while, and now happens rarely but it still happens every once in a while, 5 month post partum. There is rarley/never pain with the BMs, it never happens any other time. It is a POURING out, the entire toilet full of blood that is obviously from my anus. I have not seen a doctor.
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Rectal bleeding during the end of pregnancy and postpartum usually happens due to hemorrhoids and anal fissures that happen during the course of the pregnancy because of hormonal balances and the pressure of the fetus. Usually this doesn't result in the amount of blood you're noting, and it is usually painful to pass a bowel movement. You should go see your doctor about this to rule out the possibility of some severe damage to your gastrointestinal tract due to something else. If it is hemorrhoids or anal fissures, it will be relatively easy to treat, and you should have relief after taking whatever medication your doctor prescribes. 
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