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Advance research with 1000 women like you

Posted Sep 29 2010 9:39am

I was one of the lucky ones and my little niece, Gracie, is too.  So far.

You see…today, my mom – Grace’s grandmother and now in her 70′s – rides her bike everyday knowing that every minute she spends on the bike is of health and longevity benefit.

But,  your grandmother may have died of heart disease at 40, or 50 or 60…without diagnosis or ittle warning.  Or maybe your mom or sister died of breast or ovarian cancer in her 30′s, 40′s or 50′s without proper diagnosis.

Thanks to 20 years of hard work by the Society for Women’s Health Research and the Office of Research on Women’s Health, advocates for women like you can take pride in many of the research-based education initiatives that have allowed women today to live longer – and better.  Like research that shows that women are just as susceptible to heart disease as men – and, in some cases more – it’s just that the symptoms differ.  With Go Red and HeartTruth, these red dress campaigns became ubiquitous with “women, like men, can have heart disease”.  And, what about the fundraising and awareness efforts that, for the past twenty years, have made pink ubiquitous with breast cancer and improved our ability to diagnose and treat early?

It is clear, 20 years later, how important it is to understand sex differences and their implication for both men and women so we can address prevent, diagnose and treat conditions successfully.

But research, policy and legislation are only the beginning.  As a women’s health advocate, what can you do to improve women’s lives?  (hint: it’s easier than you think!)

Here’s a first step:

You can make a difference by bridging the “empowerment” gap from research and policy to action – on the ground and in communities – where women like you and I are affected.

As a women’s health advocate, you’re invited to join Cassie and I with Robin Strongin (Founder, Disruptive Women in Health Care), Missy Lavender (Founder and CEO, Women’s Health Foundation), and Beth Battaglino Cahill (Executive Director, HealthyWomen)  to help  Michelle Robson King, (Founder and CEO, EmpowHer) in a 1000women campaign.   The campaign empowers women to  share their stories, voices and victories with another 1,000 women.

This 1000women campaign, created by EmpowHer,  is expected to engage 1,000 women who will each recruit another 1,000 women to participate in this classic pay-it-forward viral effort; the campaign’s goal is to get 1 million women to share their inspirational health stories with friends, family, and women they’ve never even met.

Become a women’s health advocate and go to to start sharing, commenting and spearheading your own advocacy effort to bridge the gap from policy to action.

The best part of it is that when 1 million women have engaged in the campaign, EmpowHER will donate $50,000 toward women’s health research with HealthyWomen.

Let’s make women’s health advocacy our own personal mission and advance women’s health research!

Three cheers for living longer…and living better…with the help of 1000women.

P.S. and give Gracie and her friends the priviledge of our empowerment movement!

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