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Adam Richman Is A Vegetarian?

Posted Jun 20 2012 10:40am

If you haven’t seen Man vs. Food on the travel channel, you’re missing out.  The show highlights “America’s biggest pig out joints” and follows Adam Richman as he takes on food contests and challenges (note: the show’s 4th season is called “Man vs. Food Nation which follows Adam coaching locals to take on these contests).

Man vs. Food
Adam Richman of Man vs. Food

The excess on the show is extremely entertaining to watch but I often wondered how he was not 600 pounds eating the way he does.  I got my answer when I recently came across an (old)  article about how the Adam eats in his off time, and the results are a bit surprising (or perhaps not surprising at all):

“My diet is, I guess a balanced diet — you know, lots of vegetables, lots of chicken and fish, egg whites. I work out with a personal trainer, I stay super, super hydrated. I pretty much stick to wine, and try to avoid beer and brown liquors and stuff like that. And yeah, I find that generally speaking, I almost go completely vegetarian when I’m home. It’s like from the show, when we come off the road all of us go completely vegetarian from the time we get home.”

Behind the magic of television, a host of a travel show about pig-out spots eats mostly plants and has a personal trainer.  To have the will power to eat healthy even when you’re being paid to pig out? That is the way man truly beats food.

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