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Acai Berry Helps in Many Ways - Weight Loss, Energy, Antioxidants

Posted Jun 29 2009 6:17pm

Acai berry is not a medical miracle. It cannot cure cancer or make the blind see but it is one of the most healthy and powerful foods to be discovered in a very long time. The Acai berry has already been featured on major TV talk shows like Oprah and is increasingly becoming more and more recognized in the health and wellness community. People are slowly beginning to realize the incredible power of this little purple reddish berry and have already begun to benefit from it by making it a part of their daily diets.

Acai berry is rapidly growing in popularity due to the high content of antioxidants contained inside of it. This berry has already been utilized as a featured ingredient or flavor in many products that support personal health and wellness. You may have already noticed Vitamin Water XXX which features the little berry inside of it. With Acai berry putting out around 20 times as many antioxidants as some of your favorite fruits and berries it's really no wonder that it has reached celebrity status so quickly.

There are literally dozens of health benefits that can be attributed to this little berry that is grown and gathered in the Amazon region. It can help restore lost vision, especially at night; it can add to a good night sleep by regulating your serotonin and dopamine; it can even aid your body in the defense against digestive tract problems because of its' cleansing antioxidant power. However, there are a few benefits that are coveted above all others. I'm talking about the weight that Acai can help you lose and the clean, healthy energy that it provides.

There have been questions about whether Acai really does help you lose weight or not and the answers to those questions is yes. Though this berry is not going to do the work for you it is an incredible addition to any weight loss diet. Clinical studies have shown that participants using Acai supplements lost 450% more weight that the participants that were using a placebo (a placebo is a fake pill intended to fool participants in the study and thus give accurate unbiased data). Please be aware when you are choosing an Acai supplement to check the Acai content in that supplement. Though many companies are honest and will give you the recommended amount some will put very little to no Acai in the supplement so you want to make sure you are getting what you pay for.

Another great benefit of Acai berry is energy. Even in an economic recession fast food is reporting record profits because people are depending more and more on quick, cheap but unhealthy alternatives. These unhealthy diets often don't offer the vitamins and nutrients our bodies need live a healthy, energized lifestyle. Acai supplements can help balance an otherwise unbalanced diet by pumping your body full of rich antioxidants and important vitamins. Good Acai supplements are much like a multivitamin pill. The only major difference is that it contains Acai berry extract which has a commanding antioxidant presence and thus helps them pull away from the pack.

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