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abnormal periods, spotting, intestinal cramping...

Posted by r_rae

after i had my son 5yrs. ago i became intollerant to eat mushrooms, which i dont mind & had no other probs. 2yrs. ago i had my daughter & i became intollerant to more foods... mushrooms still, pork chops, eggs & anything with powdered cheese. my husband had a vasectomy after we had our daughter & got all his sperm count checks, it was all perfect... so there isnt a chance i can be pregnant. if i eat any of the foods listed, i get really bad cramps & diarrea & will be in the toilet for 20mins- or more waiting for it all to pass.

 when i saw an advertisment for Activia i bought it thinking it would help, and it does. i eat one of the yogurts before i eat one of the foods, & im perfectly fine! which is weird because its suppose to help with regularity...

over the past few months some new symptoms have come to my attention now... last few mths. my periods have been coming sooner within the month, which is very abnormal to me.. im always on-time. last wk. or so ive been spotting, & havent actualy gotten my period yet. and alsoive been having moments of vertigo.

im clueless to what could be going on, i know my body well enough to know that this is abnormal fdor me. any ideas, please write back. i have  a physical on Nov. 11th, just wanted a heads-up on what to expect it could be.

 thank you

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