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Abdominal swelling and pain

Posted by NorthofBoston

For the past four and a half weeks my wife has been experiencing a swelling of the upper mid abdomen.  At first we thought this might simply be gas, or some other digestive health issue so attempted a few OTC items.  However this has increased, and caused discomfort over this last week.

Regrettably my wife is not keen of visiting the doctor's office, and even prior to marriage I have been attempting to coax her into establishing a family doctor for her for general preventative health.

She agreed to visit a women's clinic and while speaking with the doctor mentioned her discomfort and showed him the swelling.  The doctor asked a few basic questions then ordered a CT scan and blood work.  The scan came back 'normal,' as did the blood work.  I feel as if the local clinic seems to lack a certain level of basic bedside manner and warmth needed for someone such as my wife who is uncomfortable even going into the office, and in pain.  Also, she felt as if they did not somehow believe her... not sure how that could be with a visable abdominal buldge.

Especially after the inconclusive test, she was convinced she is fine, however this buldge is causing discomfort and is plainly visable even when she layers clothing to hide her embarrasment.  Also she has observed sharp pains coming and going in that area, and near her heart, so now agrees to perhaps re-visit the clinic.

We plan to visit the doctor's office Monday, however it is such a chore getting her to agree to go and that there might be something seriously wrong.  The internet has thankfully aided me in convincing her, since there seems to be all kinds of potential causes for this.

What might be some more educated causes to this, and can you confirm this is indeed cause for a medical visit.  Might there be any homeopathic remedies to try as she is very atune to that form of treatment?

Thank you, Respectfully,


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hello im curious hows ur wife ?
i have  a dull pain in my abdominal next to belly button
it all started after 2 weeks of  exercise healthy eating .. and bike riding ..(also massaging my abdominals ..) im worried its something very serioius .. my dr said its no hernia or ceptic ulcer ..i get scans soon >.> can u give any updates?
also.......i realised relaxing does help
i got a number of things to ask my dr such as stool sample  for  diets  diseases  and.. parasites
im so scared iduno what to tell my parents if its cancer....  btw im 19  age might have no factor here but hope it helps
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