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Abdominal pain - again

Posted Feb 22 2011 11:56am

Hello IV fluids!

Hello yucky contrast!

I've been seeing a GI specialist about my recurrent, intermittently severe abdominal pain. Another ER visit, where nothing was found on CT or in my lab work. I had some abnormal liver testing in January, which has now resolved. No clue as to what caused it to be abnormal (not once, but twice). Possibly a virus that hit my liver, and has now been cleared from my system.

I had an MRI of my liver/biliary tract. Normal. (Suspected some stones, but none to be found.)

The GI specialist sent me for labs to rule out Celiac Disease. No results back yet. I'm also having another EGD next week, and he will be taking biopsies to see what could be going on.

I'm really, really, really tired and sick of the abdominal pain. This has been going on to some degree for 3 1/2 years, starting just a few months after gastric bypass was done. Yeah, I've had my gallbladder out - got rid of the pain for a few months. Then I had hernias and adhesions fixed. Not once, but twice. (God, or what it three times now??) A small bowel obstruction fixed. STILL HAVING PAIN.

Would all of this have happened if I hadn't had my guts surgically rearranged? I don't know. Knowing me, probably. In the years before gastric bypass, I had odds and ends of abdominal pain. Sometimes so severe I'd be curled up in a ball. I've been on meds for IBS off and on through the years. Most of them do not help.

I'm on a new IBS medication to take when I have the pain. It's a sublingual med, so it is supposed to work within a few minutes. Took one yesterday. Seemed to help, but the pain was only mild when I took it. We'll see how it holds up to the severe pain, whenever that should hit me next.

Oh yeah, and diarrhea. Lovely diarrhea. I'm having to adjust how much and how often I take Miralax to ebb and flow with the diarrhea. (Pun intended...hardy har har.) Nausea hits often as well. Usually when I'm in severe pain, or when I eat.

I've lost 5 pounds in the past week. Go me. Unintentional, of course. I can't afford to lose weight. I look sickly when I drop below 145 lbs (which is where I am now).

And I quote from my latest CT scan: "little to no endogenous fat tissue seen, so cannot rule out inflammatory process."

That's right folks. Little to no endogenous fat inside my body. I cannot afford to lose more weight, or else it's muscle loss. Ain't got no fat to lose. You can see it (or lack of it) in my arms and legs. It's all loose skin, barely any muscle.

Would I do gastric bypass surgery again? Yes. Being 310+ pounds, not able to walk up or down steps without being severely winded, pain and pressure on all of my joints, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood glucose levels from time to time ("pre-diabetic"), severe reflux. I certainly would not wish all of that on my worst enemy.

I just wish there was a happy medium between obesity and bordering on malnutrition.

Yo - I don't exercise on a regular basis or go to the gym anymore. BECAUSE I WOULD DROP EVEN MORE WEIGHT WHEN I DID!!! Don't get me wrong. I love being outdoors, walking, hiking, and swimming. I do that stuff from spring to fall, weather permitting. But I don't exercise on a "regular" or "daily" basis. Because I drop too much in the weight and look like a stick.

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