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A visit to the local ER

Posted Jan 07 2009 3:05pm
Darn pain (left upper quadrant, to my left flank, up to my shoulder blades) got to be too much for me last evening, and I ended up in the ER. Blood work was normal (CBC, amylase and lipase), and then I had an abdominal CT scan.

Now, I have never had a CT scan - ever. Having to drink the It was a full liter of nasty flavored orange-y fluid. I had to drink it all within one hour, which is not easy to do post gastric bypass! It's just too much fluid, in too short of a time. I managed to drink most of it though.

On to the CT scan.......

I was warned ahead of time that when they inject the dye, you get a warm flushed feeling, and it also makes you feel like you have to urinate. I felt all of it, right on the nose. I am so thankful to have been warned ahead of time about it. It was definitely a strange feeling, feeling all warm inside my mouth, face, chest, etc.

Anyhow, the news: I have a 2.3 cm mass on one of my adrenal glands. From what I can gather on the internet, I will need further work up for that. Blood work, MRI, and probably a trip to the endocrinologist. The rest of my abdominal CT scan looked fine.

I was given the option, by the surgical resident, to be admitted and possibly have my surgery moved up to Monday, or go home and wait it out til the 19th of this month (when surgery is scheduled). I opted to wait it out. By the time my ER visit was coming to a close, the pain was really minimal - just like it normally gets after a few hours of intermittent waves of pain.


I admit, I am a wee bit worried about this mass on my adrenal gland. My mother died from ovarian cancer, and when it was diagnosed, it had already spread throughout her pelvic and abdominal cavity. Something in my mind has been really worried about getting ovarian cancer like she did. I'm too young for this! However, they didn't detect anything unusual about my ovaries, as far as I know. I only got a brief glance at my CT report. Yep, I asked to see the report. Good thing about the report - I can pull up my lab and reports on the computer at work, so I can print out a copy for my own records. If I recall correct, I think it said something about not visualizing the left adenexa (ovary/tube) fully on the scan. That also worries me, ovarian cancer family history and all. My mom was diagnosed with her cancer at age 55, and died 2 years later. A painful, prolonged death, I might add.

Yes, I am worried for my health, and what might be going on inside me that wasn't seen on the CT scan.

I put a call in to my surgeon, to see what to do about follow up, but have gotten no call back today.
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