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A Triumph Over "Doom" ( a nutrisystem testimonial )

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:11pm

Ellen finds her solution in NutriSystem

Ellen lost 68 lbs.*
and went from a size 22/24 to a size 5!
I just turned 39. I am a homemaker, a mother of two, and have been married for almost 21 years. When I was a young kid, I was the skinny one, but when I hit my teens, I began struggling with my weight and have ever since. I starved myself. I exercised myself sick. I tried diet pills, diet gimmicks, liquid diets, all-fish diets, fruit diets and anything else I could think of—but nothing ever stuck.

Then, as an adult, I was diagnosed with congenital degenerative disc disease and during the past twelve years, I have endured five spine surgeries. My first and last surgeries were big ones—spinal fusions. The last one, in September of 2003, was "life altering" and I never thought that I would ever feel good again. After it, my body felt like a 95-year-old lady, and I decided that NutriSystem was the only way to change this pattern of doom—and DOOM is really what it was. My life had come to consist of lying in bed, eating, watching TV, and that was it. But through this program, I turned my life around. That's why I say NutriSystem saved my life.

On May 19th of this year, I weighed in at 210 and at that time, I never dreamed that I could weigh 142 pounds, but that's what I weigh today!* I set my goal at 160 figuring that I was limited with my back being messed up and being older and all, and I didn't want to get discouraged if I couldn't get any lower. I wanted to be realistic. I had tried NutriSystem before, back in the day when they had centers, and had loved it. I liked the food then, but I think it's much, much tastier now, and there's even more variety now, too. With the "NEW" NutriSystem losing weight seemed easier then ever. After 23 weeks I had lost 65 pounds*, and after 27 weeks, I had lost a total of 46.5 inches overall!

My biggest clothing size (that I can remember, although I think my mind probably blocked out a lot of the horror of it all) was a 22/24 in women's sizes, but today I can fit into a size 5 in most pants (but I do own a pair of size 3 jeans that fit me GREAT!). What a feeling!

These days, I look forward to keeping myself in shape by exercising. I ride a stationary bike anywhere from 20-60 minutes, 3-5 times a week. I do what I call "floor strengthening" anywhere from 15-30 minutes, 3 to 5 times a week, and I lift arm weights for about 15 minutes, 3-5 times a week. Now, I love to look into the mirror and see my shoulder blades—they really were there all this time! The only other thing that I wish I could do is run and/or do aerobics, but I don't want to tempt fate with my back and all.

As for challenges, the biggest ones for me when I was on the program were the holidays, parties, and family gatherings, but I did go out to dinner when asked, and I just stuck to my guns about the calorie intake and I NEVER felt disappointed that I didn't eat all that fatty food. (Notice that I didn't say "couldn't" because I always felt like I could eat anything I wanted, but it just wasn't worth it.) To me, I felt special that I had my special food that was just for me. In fact, each time I received my food order, my son would enjoy going through it with me and he would always say, "You are so lucky you get all this good food." It always made me laugh!

My favorite thing about the NutriSystem program is definitely the food, because I do love to eat and NutriSystem has found a way to let me eat a great variety of great-tasting food! I just had to change my way of thinking about it and learn to view food as fuel. I read that in the NutriSystem® Nourish™ book and it has stuck in my mind ever since. I remember it every time I think about eating something that I shouldn't.

Some of Ellen's favorite things about having lost weight:

• I love shopping for clothes that actually fit without a pulling battle.

• Walking past a mirror in a store and having to look twice because I wasn't sure that it was really me. Who is that skinny woman?

• Now, when I wash clothes, I hold up my jeans and think, "I really fit into these?"

• Not feeling uncomfortable wearing clothes. I use to put my pajamas on as soon as I got home because clothes actually hurt me.

• All the pain from my back is GONE! No more pain—unbelievable! No more pain pills, heating pads, or lotions.

• Seeing and feeling muscles that I thought I never had.

• Wanting to exercise and feeling great because I can.

• Feeling comfortable in my own skin.

• Not having to feel embarrassed about my appearance any longer.

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