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A trip to NYC

Posted Nov 22 2009 8:04pm
So i had an appointment scheduled to see Goldstein in Washington on the 24th.. I was feeling so good that i really had forgotten how much pain i was in before the Botox. Usually the Botox lasts for 3 months or so, and then the pain starts coming back, but nothing could have prepared me for the pain that came on last week. I deffinitaley can see the correlation between my labral tear and my pelvic floor dysfunction now. I was putting something up while on a chair and stepped down with my left leg which has the hip tear and as i stepped down my leg wasn't strong enough to hold myself up so i pretty much collapsed, my leg just gave right out from under me... it didn't hurt or anything so i was laughing about it. Later that night i started noticing some weird vaginal pain... a very familiar pain that i thought i was passed. The pain rapidly became worse, so much worse that i thought i was going to freak out! For all who aren't familiar with pelvic floor pain, i'll fill you in a little. Pelvic floor pain for me feels like pressure, so much pressure that you feel like something is going to fall out of you, either through your vagina or your rectum. Sorry to be so graphic but its true... the pain then stars messing with you making you feel like you have to pee every 10 minutes, then the burning sets in.. Your whole bottom are feels like its on fire! No matter what you do you can't get comfortable, it is really all you can think about. Normally for me if i just lay down for a while with heat, it will go away. Not this time! I laid awake all night long, it was really really bad... i called Goldsteins office to see if he could get me in early for another injection of the botox, which is the only thing that makes this horrible pain go away, and he was completely booked! I wanted to cry... i knew i couldn't make it another 5 days like this, so i knew he was seeing patients in NYC on Friday, and booked an appointment. I was so lucky he could get me in, so i drove out 5 hours on Thursday and was able to get my injections! Thank god! I am feeling better for now. Now its time to get this hip tear fixed and stop this whole vicious cycle. But i will surely be making my appointment for my next set of shots early, instead of waiting i never want to feel that pain again. 
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