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A Poor Gym Teacher Can Turn Your Kids Off To Sports and Exercise Permanently

Posted Jan 10 2010 12:00am

A University of Alberta study has determined that a child who has been humiliated in physical education class as a child can be turned off fitness for good. A negative lifelong attitude towards physical activity can be determined by a bad experience, based on the personal characteristics of the coach or instructor. For example, negative experiences may come from a teacher who has low energy, is unfair and/or someone who embarrasses students. This feeling and hurt can stay with people throughout their lifetime and feel like they can never do any activity or exercise again due to fear. If this has happened to your children, experts recommend supporting your child with outside community activities and sports organizations that are not related to the school. These may be more open and less competitive fostering a positive team-like experience. With the obesity rate at its high, issues with exercise/sports will only create more problems for people down the road.

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