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A company that inspires me

Posted Dec 01 2009 12:00am

Lululemon manifesto I come across lots of things every day that inspire me, but I didn’t expect to find it when shopping for workout clothes. But hey, I’m grateful for it where ever and when ever I find it.

I’ll admit, it was the stylish workout clothes that attracrtred me to this company initially, but it’s their commitment to community and their company manifesto (see image on the right) that really makes me love them! If you haven’t heard of Lululemon , they’re worth checking out. I asked Molly Watson, the manager of the new Nashville store to answer a few questions about the company and provide some insight into what they’re all about. You can also check out the company website to find a list of free classes offered at local stores.

Here’s more from Molly on Lululemon .

1. What is Lululemon’s philosophy on community?

lululemon sees community relations as the key to our business. We are a grassroots company and we beleive strongly that in order to connect with the guest we need to be out in the community, meeting them face to face and sharing athletics with them. We also see our showrooms and stores as hubs of knowledge about yoga, pilates, bootcamps, run groups, hiking, biking, swimming….etc. We want people to be able to come into our locations to learn about what is going on athletically around them. As employees, we take these classes so that we can, from personal experience, help people find what they are looking for, no matter what the sport.

2. What is your favorite phrase from the Lululemon manifesto and why?

“Breathe deeply and appreciate the moment. Living in the moment could be the meaning of life.”
This is my favorite manifesto quote because I think it is so important to stop and appreciate every aspect of every day. And not always the good, but the bad too, because it is in those moments we really discover ourselves.

3. What do you hope to bring to the community?

I hope to bring unity. I think that there is so much power in a group of people coming together for the same action- to bring health and happiness to peoples lives. There are so many amazing people already doing this every day in Nashville and we want to bring them together to make an even bigger impact.

4. Any thoughts on what makes Lululemon a good fit for Nashville?

Nashville is an active place! And I think people appreciate great athletic wear because they use it daily and then need to run errands. lululemon is great for that because it dries so quickly and maintains it shape. You can work out and then be in those clothes all day!

5. What can you tell us about the clothes? Are they specifically designed for yoga or suitable for most sports/athletics?

Our clothes are super multi-functional. We have a yoga/pilates line, a run line, a dance line and an apres line (to and from, cotton peices). The mixing and matching of these lines allows you to find those perfect peices that work for the sports you practice. The majority of our fabrics, with the exception of cotton, are moisture wiking- meaning they help keep you super dry while you are sweating. As well, everything is pre-shrunk and flat seamed, which means no suprises or chaffing!

6. Are the classes and workshops for experienced yoga or fitness students or are they suitable for beginners as well?

Our free yoga class on Saturdays from 11-12pm are geared towards beginners. We host the class in order to make yoga accessible to everyone. We strongly believe it is an important part of staying healthy and want everyone to be able to enjoy it!

7. Anything else you want to mention?

Please visit our website:
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