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6/25/08 Food Intake and Exercise

Posted Jul 07 2008 7:17pm
Weight: staying steady at 149


1 mile on the treadmill, running and fast walking

2.5 miles on the bike

Complete circuit on the weights and machines, increasing weight on the leg and arm machines

**will more than likely take a walk outside in the evening too**


Breakfast: 3 mini chocolate donuts (I'm PMSing big time), 1 cup coffee

Pre-workout: 2 cherries, 4-5 oz fat-free yogurt

Lunch: Microwave noodles and meatballs (chef boyardee), a handful of Doritos, milk

Snack: 2 small soft chocolate chip cookies (PMS, I swear, makes me go for chocolate EVERY TIME!), 1/2 cup coffee

Dinner: thin cut breaded pork chop, couple of french fries (baked) with light velveeta, 2 tablespoons greenbeans

After dinner: milk

Hmmm, not many veggies today. Decent amount of protein. Could have not eaten quite as many carbs.

I notice better definition in my leg/thigh muscles lately. I also notice some better toning of my abs, under the flabby skin. And my breasts? They are no more. Bye bye boobies!

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