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5cm cyst removal both ovaries drained, but I am in need of desperate advice of why I would be having a period for 2 weeks ?

Posted by BecklinBrocks24

I had laparoscopy surgery on the 15th of March to remove 2 5cm cyst from both left and right ovary ,but my doctor drained my ovaries.

 I do not know how long it takes to recover and what the price of healing you have to pay from having your ovaries drained and I'm in a lot of cramping pains and trying to hold on to my percocet pain pills because that is what stops my on going cramps. I've had my period for 2 weeks now going into the 3rd week and cramping like hell.

I'm on the Kariva Birth Control and I don't know if that is making it worse ,or if I should finish and stop them until my body corrects its self.

Please help me give me some kind of advice. I do not want to be in the hospital for something that could be completely normal and recovery.


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