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4 Tips to Lose Weight if You Have PCOS

Posted Feb 09 2010 1:56am

PCOS and weight loss do not generally go hand in hand - in fact if anything the opposite tends to be the case. The factors making you suffer the condition will also cause you to gain weight. So listed here are a number of tactics that should immediately be able to help you start dropping the pounds.

1. Pay Attention To Glycaemic Index

Eating a diet consisting mainly of low GI foods is the smartest method for you to address the major issue of PCOS - insulin resistance. The higher your blood sugar levels the more insulin you need. High GI foods cause rapid spikes in blood sugars while low GI foods don't

You should therefore educate yourself on the various foods that are categorised as having a high or a low glycaemic index

2. Regular Exercise Is Important

Regular exercise will be extremely helpful in helping keep your blood sugar from getting too high. Set your exercise schedule based on your current level of fitness and gradually building the difficulty over time.

You should get include a combination of cardio exercise and some resistance training.

3. Keep Your Pain Under Control

The pain of PCOS can often reduce the ability to do exercise. Being able to control this pain is important.

Obviously you can use medications, but there are also a range of more natural options you can choose instead.

4. Keep Your Motivation Up!

If you are trying to lose weight wth PCOS then being motivated is what is going to get you to a lower body weight. Keep doing your exercise and avoiding high GI foods and in the long run the weight should start dropping off.

If you need more help on Treating PCOS Naturally including weight loss, click below to find out how you can beat this condition without drugs or surgery or anything expensive or complicated.

Natural PCOS Remedies

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