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2 years post op gastric bypass

Posted Apr 12 2009 11:18pm
Happy Easter!

I'm now (almost) 2 years post op from my gastric bypass surgery. My exact anniversary date is in one week (the 19th), but I had my 2 year check up this past week at my surgeon's office.

My weight has stabilized in the 140-145 lbs zone. More often than not, it's right about 144. I'm ok with that!! I dropped down as low as 137 lbs at one point, several months ago, but that was when I was recovering from my adhesion surgery.

Size-wise: extra small and smalls for shirts, depending on the maker and the cut. Jeans are size 10, but are getting a bit baggy. I went to Fashion Bug (my ultimate, FAVE store), and tried on a variety of the "new sizing system" that they have. If you don't know about it, they have the jeans now in three body types: yellow (equal in waist and hips), red (waist slightly smaller than hips) and blue (hips and thighs larger in proportion to waist). The numbers are different on the jeans too. It's all based on your waist measurement in inches. Having not measured my waist, I was just trying on different sizes. All in all, the best fit was in a red, a size 5M.

Dude! I'm a size 5!!!! (Ok, not the same as a regular woman's size 5, but still....)

The rest of my clothing sizes are in general on the smaller end of everything. Do you know how difficult it is for me to wrap my mind around that....STILL?!?!? My instinct is still to go with the bigger, drab clothing. I hold it up to me, and it's way big. Put it back. Pick out something prettier and in a smaller size. Nope, still too big. Pick out something trendy and sexy and smaller still, and yes, it fits!

I've also taken to buying more "grown up" styles of classic types of clothing lately. The little black dress. Varying lengths of simple black skirts. Flowing, yet form fitting, professional/dressy tops.

Oh, and the baby doll tees. Can't forget them.
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