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2-Programs-For-1! Detox Member & Husband Lost Weight & Feel Great!

Posted Aug 13 2010 12:00am

I love hearing back from clients after they finish my programs. They go off on their own and start living their lives without my check-ins and weekly support.

One thing I know is true is that many of the women I work with notice that their families join in the program with them  - offering support, adding energy to the process, and reaping the benefits of healthier choices too. Several detox-members have told me it was like getting 2 programs for the price of 1!

Here is a great example from Isabelle, one of my recent Detox graduates:

“When I decided to participate in Alex’s Detox Program, I felt in poor health.  I had gained weight, I had no energy, and aches and pains were creeping up all over my body: feet, hands, back. I had lost my spark and at fifty-one, I felt old and thought life was over.

Working with Alex has been an education and eye-opening experience.  Alex is enormously knowledgeable about food and its effect on the body and under her gentle guidance, I learned to discover a new way of eating, including new foods which I had never experimented with.

As a result, a few months later, my whole way of eating has changed.  I look forward to my green smoothies every morning, quinoa is my favorite grain and bean salads are a staple.  I eat a much more varied diet, enjoy what I eat a lot more, and have lost all interest in the so called “fun food” such as French fries, cookies, ice cream, croissants and such. I have also lost weight and feel 100% better.

My husband who experimented with me, benefited from the detox as well, and lost 20 pounds of extra weight without effort. He is feeling much more alert and excited about his life also.

out of which we both have gained very important knowledge about nutrition and have built new habits, which support our health and vitality. Thank you Alex for sharing with us your vast knowledge about food and for supporting us in developing awareness about the way nutrition affects our lives.”

Isabelle M., Jersey City, NJ

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