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12 year old step-daughter with poor personal hygiene - especially menstrual hygiene.

Posted by kelzantz

To Whom May Be Able To Help,

My girlfriend has a 12 year old daughter who has been having her period for over two years now.

My girlfriend is at her wits end because her daughter just does not seem to care about her personal hygiene in relation to her period and body odour.

She will just let herself bleed heavily in her pants which is not only disgusting but also stinks.

My girlfriend cannot do anymore than she has already done and she is also quite embarrassed that her daughter is this way because she is a great mother and has brought her children up to be better than this daughter is displaying.

What risks does she expose herself too by being so dirty?
What advice can you offer to make her see what she is doing is potentially harmful to herself and to others?

Any advice you can offer would be really appreciated.


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