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10 Valentines Day Sex Tips That Your Guy Will Love

Posted Feb 10 2014 11:44am
Valentine's Day is coming up, and it is the perfect time to surprise your man with a few little tricks that he will love. Switch things around this Valentine's Day, and make the evening be all about him. Relationships can become settled and even boring over time, and Valentine's Day gives you the perfect opportunity to put some of the sizzle back into your romance. Surprise your man and make his Valentine's Day special with these ten tips your guy will love.
1.) Take care of yourself: While it is true that most men really enjoy getting getting a woman sexually aroused, sometimes they enjoy watching a woman arouse herself. Use some of the same tricks that you use when you are pleasuring yourself. This way, the man can relax and concentrate on himself more.
2.) Make sex fun: Having sex in real life is often messy and noisy. It is ridiculous to think that it can ever resemble sex in the movies, instead make sex fun. Laugh and giggle at the occasional weird noise. If the position does not work perfectly, laugh and try another one.
3.) Let him know what you like: Sexual intercourse is always better when you both are enjoying it, and letting him know what you like can make it easier. Do not be afraid to guide his hand to a sensitive spot, or even quietly tell him. A woman's libido is significantly different than a man's, and sometimes he needs a little guidance. Let him know when he is pleasuring you also, you might be amazed at how wonderful your sex life can be when he knows what you like.
4.) Let him watch: Sometimes guys simply like to watch, and it can be an erotic experience. Try moving a mirror close by, so you can both watch yourselves. Other men find it sexually arousing when a woman leaves on a small piece of sexy lingerie during sexual intercourse. Leaving something to the imagination can also be just as arousing for a man.
5.) Be Naughty: Men enjoy it when their women are a little naughty with them during sex. It does not have to be anything drastic, it could be as simple as a nip on the neck or ear during sex. Often men are afraid to ask for wild unabashed sex, and their sense of arousal only increases when they are pleasantly surprised by your willingness to try something new.
6.) Give him an experience he will not forget: Learn and perfect a sexual trick for him. It can be anything that you particularly enjoy doing to him. If it is oral sex, try using your tongue while holding him in your mouth. Or switching from oral sex to intercourse right before he climaxes. Make his experience this Valentine's Day be one that he will never forget.
7.) Change things around: One of the main reasons for sex that is not completely satisfying is that using the same positions all of the time can get repetitious and less stimulating. To help keep your sexual life exciting, do not be afraid to try new sex positions on this valentine, or even take control and keep him at a constant state of arousal by changing the speed and tempo during intercourse. You will both be amazed at the intensity of his orgasm.
8.) Have sex outside of the bedroom: While the bedroom is always a wonderful place to have sexual intercourse in, sometimes it is nice to experiment with other rooms and locations. The majority of all men will say that they truly enjoy sex when it suddenly occurs. Try touching him seductively under the table while you are out for dinner, or seduce him in the kitchen when he is leas expecting it. Chances are, he will be so surprised and grateful that you will both experience an amazing sexual experience.
9.) Let him be in charge: Men occasionally like to be in charge of your sexual encounter. Tell him how much you want him, keep the pace quick and hard, this can help to increase the sexual tension and let him no that you enjoy his sexual attentions.
10.) Let him relax: Men also like it when women take charge of the sexual encounter. Tie his hands loosely, so he can not touch you, and begin to have your way with him. Take the time to enjoy the moment, for you and for him. For a heightened sense of excitement, try using your bra or a pair of hosiery to blindfold him as well.
 These tips are not only for Valentine's Day, they can be used anytime to bring a sense of excitement and arousal back into a relationship. Make this Valentine's Day special, and make this a holiday for him. Try to seduce your boyfriend on this valentine. You might be pleasantly surprised at what the results will be. Not only will he have an amazing sexual experience, you will also have a Valentine's Day that you will never forget.
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