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10 Uses For Baby Shampoo (Other Than Babies)

Posted Jul 31 2013 9:00am

shea moisture baby shampoo
When, I bought this baby shampoo when making my DIY brush cleaner , I didn’t realize how much it would prove useful in so many ways.  It smells yummy.  It’s thick and sudsy without too many bubbles. It’s amazing how many things you can do with baby shampoo!

I wash my dogs with it.  They smell incredible (at least as incredible as dogs can smell), and people remark how soft their fur is.  It’s much cheaper alternative than super fancy natural pet shampoo (though my dogs seem to hate bath time just as much….)

Brush cleaning
It works beautifully to clean makeup brushes and hair brushes.

Hand soap
I used to love Method foaming hand soap – not necessarily for the soap, but for the liquid to foam pumps.  But it’s the bottle that makes it foam – the liquid is just watered down soap.  And since I had the bottle already – I add 2 tablespoons of baby shampoo to the bottle and fill the rest with water for a cheaper and more eco-friendly way to refill.

Shaving cream
It works great as a shaving cream substitute – it lathers, moisturizes, and smells great.

Shower Gel
When I’m running low on soap, this stuff does the trick.  Is it weird to use the same soap as your dogs?

Bubble Bath
Add a few tablespoons of baby shampoo to a warm bath, light some candles and enjoy a stress reducing night in.

Hand Washing Clothing
I use it to wash bras. stockings, and other delicates in the sink.

Makeup Remover
When I’m out of coconut oil , a bit of this with some water on a cotton ball is gentle on the eyes and removes makeup quite easily.

Eye Wash
Once a week, I’ll wash my eyes with baby shampoo to get any makeup or residue I may have missed.  This is a great way to keep your eyes clean on top of washing your makeup brushes and replacing your mascara regularly – especially if you’re prone to styes or infections

Baby shampoo + baking soda cleans faucets and metal sinks very well.  Baby shampoo with a bit of water spot cleans walls.

So what do you think?  Do you use baby shampoo for things other than babies?  Let me know!

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