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Hi! I'm Wolfy, I'm 14, but obviously can't post that as my age cuz it won't let me...hehe
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First entry!

haha it's 1:20am, can't sleep, not even a little. I really should be working on my project for, not a half bad idea. hehe. XP I...

Would 7 Aleve-D sinus and Cold tablets mixed with 2 expiered Midol, kill a 14 year old female at around 120 pounds

To releave any freak outs, these were taken a while back for a suicide attempt that failed. I was 120 pounds, enemic, and incredibly emberaced the...

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Sep 11 2009 by TiffanyFaith

well, should have made u sick at least. Sometimes God just loves u and is not ready for u to return yet. Give urself a life of proactive and constructive habits not destructive ones. U'll realize later in life if u make better choices u'll have the result of better choices - being better life and better happiness. good luck. u are the result of ur choices.

Sep 11 2009 by TiffanyFaith

i think in u r account settings? hmm

not sure

Jun 07 2009 by Wolfy
ello! can anyone tell me how to change were i live!? I'm actually in Northern VA! =)


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