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I married the man that would become my best friend in 1996. We have been trying since 1998 to have a child, none to report yet. We started our first ART procedure, IVF in 2006. We have done 3 IVF trials that included 7 embryo transfers, both fresh and frozen. We just finished our 4th IVF trial and... Full Bio
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Characteristics of a Superbaby

I wanted to share with you some funny and unique things about Superbaby. He is a trip man and I will look back at this and laugh, so will he I...

21 months later

Hey. Hi. Miss me? I've missed blogging so much but really have literally not had the time, nor energy to log on to write anything. Sucks I...

15 months have passed

Superbaby will be 15 months old in a few days and I can't believe it. No apologies for not posting for a few months, I have no excuse...

Almost a year old

Man am i bad, I have not been here since August! I always said I was going to maintain this blog after Superbaby arrived, and I did for awhile,...

It's coming

I've had a post in my drafts folder for like 2 weeks now LOL. Its still there and I am working on it. All good here just super busy with...

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