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Mount Vernon, Missouri
Hemicrania continua sufferer, with multiple pieces parts that don't work!!! Have an occipital stimulator for headache pain control.  suffer from late effects of radiation therapy, and myriad other problems.  Big Sigh. Can I ask for a refund, even tho I have used my body for 51... Full Bio
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ER Wars Round 2

Winny Vs. The Management Talked with the management of the BAD ER I saw a week ago.  This is how the conversation went ER Director: "My...

I'm Not Gonna Take It Any More

Twisted Winny I have been attempting to work for my ex employer as a contract employee.  They were generous enough to offer this to me, and...

Pondering the Vagaries Of the Universe

How Much Wood Should I Chuck? I have not been writing this last year or so very much.  My pain has been extremely difficult to control, my...

Back Again for Chronic Migraine Awareness Day

Wienie Girl Wearing Purple and Red June 29th has been designated as the day to heighten awareness of chronic migraines and the devastating...

Best Laid Plans

Why don't things Work Out? Yesterday found out from my PCP that I probably started an inflammatory response in my spine from my fall.  He...

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