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Salt Lake Valley, Utah
I'm a 74-year old runner, and I've been running for over 37 years, including four marathons, and have had only one injury due to running. That injury happened in 2007 and was due to not giving my body enough rest. I had reduced my mileage while I was increasing my LSD pace. Then I started increasing my distance but made too big of weekly increments and was injured. Because of my age, I have...
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Jessica D.

Trail Runner, outdoor junkee, traveler, Indie Filmmaker, Writer, Lover of life and people and open heart surgery veteran.
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Fit Bottomed Girls

Kansas City, Missouri
The Fit Bottomed Girls don't take anything too seriously?including fitness. Here, two regular girls share their trials, tribulations and adventures in staying fit to help you know what's good and what's whack when it comes to working out.


My name is Brandon Wood and I am an opera singer living and trying to make it in New York City. This site and podcast follow my adventures on the way to competing in and training for all kinds of endurance events, especially triathlon and running.

B.O.B .

I love to talk about running and anything running related. I also enjoy blogging about completely random topics and trying to make running fit into them! Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I hope you enjoy my blog and look forward to reading yours.
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Mike Antonucci

Running Is Funny is your one stop for humorous, odd and silly stories about our favorite athletic endeavor. Running isn't all hill repeats and overpronating. Sometimes it's pancakes, zombies, beer miles and wombats. There are thousands of web sites and publications devoted to the serious - and uber-serious - aspects of running. Let's lighten up! Running is funny - and fun.
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