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Corona Del Mar, California
I'm a father - husband - runner - CEO. I took up running after keep it real and take the edge off of daily life. Follow me along my journey to run ultras and other mind altering events
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Gravity. In Second Person No Less

The mystery. The timeless mystery. You think about it, but even you don’t have the answer. Until it hits you. And when it does, you...

When Is It Time to Say Goodbye?

Don’t know why I’m struggling with this one. I need to get a grip. Remind myself. It’s not like I’m putting the family cat down. And...


It’s not something I lose sleep over, but as the days sneak up on me so does the inclination to think about what’s next. Then I...

Wasatch Front 2014 - Giving Everything But Up

I stood at the starting line of the Wasatch 100 mile endurance run, and questions of doubt kept pinging my brain. Can I do this?...

Wasatch Front 100 Live Race Coverage

Tomorrow I will embark on my fourth and final 100 miler of the Ultra Running Grand Slam of 2014. To follow the race on line, click here . My...

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