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Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), Pilates Practitioner (Peak) & Nutrition Counselor A sporty youth preceded my undergrad at the University of Virginia, MBA at George Mason University and career in marketing in Washington, DC. A passion for fitness and recognizing an opportunity... Full Bio
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Health Maven's Answer
Definitely can be! Duration of time and intensity of the moves will ultimately... more
Feb 13 2010 12:06pm
Definitely need something in that tummy to fuel that workout, but not so much that you... more
Feb 11 2010 5:49am
Agreed. Remember the acronym R.I.C.E. for rest, ice, compression and elevation for... more
Feb 04 2010 1:30am
Mix it up - throw a bootcamp to shake up your cardio and weight training 1-2x week. more
Feb 04 2010 1:25am
Try the estimator here. Putting in the time, type of activity and your weight it will... more
Jan 26 2010 10:00am
Depends on the grade of the hike and how fast you're moving. An uphill hike on uneven... more
Jan 26 2010 9:51am
You're probably biting your lips as you concentrate learning new moves and trying to... more
Jan 25 2010 1:40pm
Hard to answer that one, Ishbel. Definitely more pressure on your new hip in any... more
Jan 25 2010 1:37pm
Sure Deb. Will you be walking uphill in the event and/or on uneven terrain as in a... more
Jan 25 2010 1:31pm
Never a bad idea to start with a trainer, Romeo. They'll evaluate your current... more
Jan 25 2010 1:07pm