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Whitfield F.

Palo Alto, California
I'm a Ph.D. student in the ME department. I'm on the Stanford Club Hockey Team, I'm an instructor in the Stanford Windsurfing Club, and I was part of the Stanford Student Golf Club when it was active, but it's become inactive lately.
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Feb 29 2008 by Beverly O.

Hey thanks for the reply!  thats cool, and yes, sorry I did mean Santa Clara.  If you dont mind, you can reach my husband at

or if your doing the whole facebook thing, you can also find him there

(JP Bourget) He's always looking for great people.  Take care and have a great weekend!  Beverly

Feb 21 2008 by Beverly O.
Hello, my husband is the Ass't Coach, strength coach, team Chiropractor for SCU, who used to play for Palmer.  If you ever need any assistance, or your players need help, give him a call.  408-243-0696 ask for Dr B.  Also, SCU are thinking of making a summer league team, do you know of anyone  who may want to play?  Thanks, Beverly

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