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Wheelchair Kamikaze Patient Expert

New York, New York
Hi, my name is Marc, but in some circles I'm better known as the "Wheelchair Kamikaze". I was first diagnosed with primary progressive MS in 2003, and my disease has progressed to the point where I rely on a wheelchair for most of my mobility. Before getting sick, I worked in the... Full Bio
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Caledonia, Michigan
 My name is Cindy and I was diagnosed in 04 with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. There currently aren't any medications for my rarer type of MS as the focus is on the Remitting Relapsing because that group accounts for around 85% of us who are afflicted. Even though I do not get remissions, I do have good and bad days so I just take each day as it comes and try real hard not...

Jennifer W.

Albany, New York
Not sure how appropriate my profile photo but at least you can see my service dog and that I love to read.  The book is Animals in Translation by Temple Grandin.  Wheelchair Kamikaze interests me.  I whip around the library where I work, sometimes worrying afterward that I could have run over someone.  Would be better if my chair had rubber...