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Hi, my name is Marc, but in some circles I'm better known as the "Wheelchair Kamikaze". I was first diagnosed with primary progressive MS in 2003, and my disease has progressed to the point where I rely on a wheelchair for most of my mobility. Before getting sick, I worked in the... Full Bio
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11 Years Gimpy and the Lessons Learned, Part Two

Caduceus Symbol - Medical Symbol MD (Photo credit: wcm1111 ) Last month I “celebrated” the 11th anniversary of my MS diagnosis...

Bits and Pieces: Can’t Please Everyone Edition (Also, MS and: Statin Drugs, Ancient Viruses, Obesity, and Contraception; T

For those readers who receive Wheelchair Kamikaze via email, this post contains videos that can only be viewed on the blog website ( click...

Pioneering MS Stem Cell Trial Needs Your Help!

Z I've very rarely used Wheelchair Kamikaze to directly appeal for charitable donations to help any individual research project, as I've always...

11 Years Gimpy and the Lessons Learned, Part One

March 9, 2003 was a typical late winter’s day in New York City. The temperature was about 30°F, but the sun shone brightly, and in the late...

Bits and Pieces: Arctic Vortex Edition

Okay, I know it’s considered terribly mundane and just downright boring to talk about the weather, but the winter here in NYC and in much of the...
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