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I have an extreme passion for whole grain/whole food cooking. I am a lover of anything food. I aim to squash the notion that healthy food is boring and bland... one whole food at a time. The only intention I have with this blog is to share my lifestyle. It has proven positive for my health, my... Full Bio
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on the menu : evolution spinach coconut stew w/ roasted aji amarillo chickpeas

I am a huge fan of transforming leftovers into a brand new dish.  Leftovers = flavors have had time to settle = happy tastebuds.  I took...

on the menu : cauliflower gluten free taboulleh w/ roasted poblano vinaigrette

If you’re looking for a fun, gluten free taboulleh recipe that doesn’t call for another type of grain – because sometimes we all want change –...

cooking through a cookbook

I can’t tell you the last time I actually cooked out of a cookbook.  Like, went beyond the pictures and bothered to fully read the recipe and...

on the menu : coconut infused sprouted mung bean salad w/ vietnamese dressing

For the longest time, I was scared of buying fish sauce.  Not literally scared (that would be weird), but worried that it would overwhelm...

that time i survived a juice cleanse

A few weeks back, I completed a 3-day juice cleanse with fellow yogis from my beloved yoga studio, YogaSoul .  The cleanse entailed consuming 4...

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