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Life has provided me with a number of obstacles that I try and tackle on a day to day basis. Although OCD is the primary reason for my blog, I also delve into other problems that are associated with the disorder and offer my knowledge of the subject first hand for others to better understand... Full Bio
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Maidany - Kamu Bisa

Maidany - Kamu Bisa Rekening Ponsel "Saat terjatuh...jangan lupa bahwa engkau pernah berdiri. Bangunlah... kamu pasti bisa....

Sigma - Suara Harapan

Sigma - Suara Harapan "Dimanakah kedamaian yang dirindukan setiap manusia. Ribu peluru makin menghujan. Hanya padaMu kami...


After some consideration I have decided that I'd rather record my thoughts in a private blog instead of letting the world in on my misfortunes....


After over two years me and my girlfriend have called it quits. What's tough is that we have been living together for the past few months so I...

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