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ittybittybabymom Chico, California
I am a first-time mom at 40 and a full-time college professor of Communication Studies.  I... More
jazzyjul52 wyckoff, New Jersey
I am a 50 plus yr old woman and professional counselor and internationally certified working in... More
Socketpinch Louisiana
 I'm a wife, an insurance agent and a mom to 3 year old twin boys. I am Bipolar... More
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i am a creative, thoughtful mentally ill human being. i write a blog focusing primarily on... More

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for a weaning schedule. On additional point: If you quit taking these, how will you control your anxiety...
of action. As a guide, the usual dose range for Paxil (paroxetine) is 10-50mg/day. For Zoloft (sertraline) it is 50-300mg/day. It is possible that Zoloft will be a better fit for you chemically than Paxil, in which case...
To wean or not to wean...that is the question.... by Helene Patient Expert during those days following. As far as the Wellbutrin, I wonder how I'm supposed to know if I'm ready to wean...
Dear prairierose, My understanding is that it is better to decrease your dosage and wean off Estradiol (or any estrogen) to give your body a chance to equilibrate and adjust. I have known women...
man just fucking think good thoughts or something iam in the process of quiting risperidone, fuck i hear ya i feel the exact same way to tired and shit and fuck since ive bin off everyone says im different somehow hence like
), then yes, these can be taken with Zoloft, though I would advise caution with the latter drugs... has become a problem since you began taking Zoloft then a change in the time of day you take it may ease or resolve...
I am not entirely sure what grade those particular medications are but I did have a friend who had to stop zoloft while she was pregnant.    If she doesn't have a regular physican that she sees...
Only you doctor, or other health professional can authorize this. Are you near a hospital ER? Be aware that SSRIs are not all exactly the same so substituting one for another will not necessarily produce the same effect, or
Hi Carol, Most of the supplements sometimes recommended for anxiety should not be taken while on antidepressants. Specifically, avoid Tryptophan (L-Tryptophan), 5-HTP and St Johns Wort. Your son could try fish oil/omega-3 a
Tamoxifen Issues by Lesa Patient Expert I am slowly weaning myself off of Zoloft which seems to be amping up the side effects... feels like a cramp. The hot flashes are multiplying and are a bit more intense. I guess the Zoloft...

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